Friday, February 27, 2015

I haven't blogged since November?


Shame on me! I'm sorry, everyone. Right after the media stuff happened we had a whole bunch of house projects going on, and of course I've been taking care of a baby who is now seven months old! Can you believe it?

Life with her gets better and better every day. :) There's nothing negative at all to report with mommyhood, in fact it's even more amazing than I had ever dreamed.

There are a lot of infertility blogs that seemed to slow down after the birth of a baby and I always wondered why. I kind of get it now. I feel like the purpose of my blog was to capture the story of our struggle to have a baby. But now that I have her, that particular struggle isn't here anymore. The appreciation surely is, but the struggle obviously is not. And a parenting blog feels like a whole different animal. Do you all really want to know how I do DIY soaps or floor cleaners? Do you really want to know what kind of diapers I prefer or the schedule in which I put her down for naps? Doubtful, and that's okay. There are thousands of blogs for that, and I'm definitely no subject matter expert on any of this now. I'm just taking it a day at a time, learning as I go. I could write about all of the aspects of how embryo adoption impacts how I am a parent, but I'll be honest - it really doesn't impact it very much at all. We feel like a regular family 99.9999% of the time. Albeit a regular family who is still in awe at this miracle we've been given and don't take a moment of it for granted. In fact, last night during Sammy's bath Kevin and I said to each other "do you think we'd appreciate these moments this much had we not struggled?" and we both emphatically agreed that we likely would not have. Bath time is like winning the lottery. Singing bedtime songs to her as time stands still in her nursery is seriously the best thing in the whole world. So for that, I'm actually grateful for the struggle, our life is so rich with her in it.

I do think I'll pick up my blogging again with a little more zest once we decide to cycle again. And since I'm still going strong with breastfeeding (yay!) and plan to wean at the one year mark.

Our remaining little embryo is a rock star 5AA and I have a lot of hope for him/her. But I'd be naive to think it will certainly work. I'm scared of opening that chapter again. I realize, however, it will be different in many ways. We already have a little girl at home and that makes a big difference. I can't even think about very much right now because it's so hard mentally I go back into that place that we lived in for those difficult years. Right now we're soaking up family life with our prayed for little girl. My heart still is with all of you struggling. I will always be an advocate for you, an advocate for all of us.

Anyway, not sure what the point of this is other than to tell you I'm still here, loving motherhood!