Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A whole lotta Embryo Adoption press!

Wow, talk about a whirlwind of Embryo Adoption awareness! I'm super excited about all of the buzz we've been creating.

We were on Good Morning America this morning!

Here is the GMA clip in case you missed it: Snowflake Babies Help Some Couples Start a Family
People NOW: Libby Shares Her Story About Offering the Gift of Parenthood

And in case you missed the stories, here they are - it was a three parter:

Part one: Meet a Woman Who Adopted Her Daughter – as an Embryo
Part two: Libby Kranz Opens Up About Placing Her Embryos Up for Adoption
And part three: Embryo Adoption: How Frozen Cells Become Babies & More Questions, Answered

For those of you wondering, how did People find me? The answer is: HERE. Through my blog. The writer of the People stories read my blog and saw my passion for wanting to spread awareness about embryo adoption, and she offered me a vehicle to do just that. I knew she'd handle our story with care and respect. And boy oh boy, did she deliver such a beautifully written story. It been wildly popular. Shared almost 35k times on social media!

And let me also say, for those of you wondering, no agency, website, or organization is sponsoring our story. No one has paid us. I won't take a penny. There's no secret agenda behind our motivation to run with this other than to let people know it's an option to build a family. I want donors and recipients to match up who otherwise may not have known this was an option for them. There was a mention about agency grants and funding fueling this media buzz from us. That's not true. I've never worked with an agency, and I don't endorse any particular agency, website, organization, etc. I only endorse this process. I plan to remain neutral, unbiased, and support all forms of embryo adoption and donation through all of the different routes that make it possible.

What is next for us? Well, I hope to go back to normal life. There are other families in our EDA community who are also planning to share their stories with the press, and I'm planning to pass the baton to them from here. I want other families to be highlighted in addition to ours. Embryo adoption is not a fad, a trend. It's a legitimate and incredible way to build a family. And it's an answered prayer for those with embryos to donate and those wishing to become parents.

And above all else, I'm so thrilled that our story has brought a spotlight to Libby's pediatric cancer awareness charity, If you haven't already had a chance, please visit and support her incredible cause. After all, her beautiful daughter Jennifer was the catalyst for all of this to be possible for us. She is our hero.

Please read Libby's blog for more about the the reasons behind why the Kranzes donated their precious embryos to us: For them 



  1. What an amazing opportunity to share your story! I've really enjoyed reading about it written from a different perspective and getting Libby's story as well! So great!!!

  2. I saw you on Yahoo - in the first 35 headlines highlighted on the home page!!!
    So incredible, the exposure and chance to share and educate people on EA!

    1. (um also - Sammi is so ADORABLE in the GMA video!!)

  3. Amazing articles! You are a shining example of how God and science can work together to create something wonderful! Huge congratulations to you on your beautiful little girl xx

  4. This is really amazing, Liz! Great job, mama! I loved watching the video and getting to hear your voice after following your blog for so long it was nice to hear you. :) - Kelly

  5. You're a celebrity! How exciting to get the opportunity to share your story with so many people.

  6. Liz,

    Thanks for sharing so openly about EA. It was awesome to see you all and the Kranz's on GMA. I was like "I know them!" well, kind of :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!