Saturday, May 17, 2014

OMG those cheeks!

We went in for the much anticipated 3d ultrasound today and...
Here's Sammy...and her cheeks!


She was NOT cooperating when we first arrived. She had her back facing the "camera" and despite poking, prodding, and doing all kinds of yoga stretches, she wouldn't budge. In a desperate hope to get her to turn around, I suggested we hop in the car and put on a little dub step. Unconventional, I know, but it usually gets her kicking. It was either we got her to turn, or we'd have to reschedule which would have been a bummer.

So all three of us - me, Kevin, and Kevin's mom (aka Gamma) got into the car, turned this Skrillex song up and had a little dance party in the parking lot. It was quite the sight to see, I'm sure.

And sure enough, IT WORKED!

When we went back into the ultrasound room, she was facing forward and gave us some pictures of her sweet little face! We saw her yawn, make cranky faces, and smile. All of us were enamored. She fell back asleep with her hand daintily laid across her face. The imaging center gave us an incredible deal to return, so we will be back one last time in about a month. I already can't wait.

I am so excited to meet this little girl and kiss these sweet little cheeks!


  1. That's hilarious about the dance party in the car! Glad it worked and you got to see your little miracle.

  2. She's adorable. And, wow look at those cheeks. Glad you will be going back for one more "photo shoot".

  3. Im for the first time on Your beautiful blog. Sammi is so cute, it's a mirracle :)