Thursday, April 17, 2014

It's here! V-day!

Today is V-day! I'm 24 weeks! I am so happy I could cry. With two babies in heaven, today just seems surreal. We had an appointment this morning and everything looks good. We got a glimpse at Sammy, but she kept her hands up by her face. And no matter what the tech did, we couldn't get a clear shot. And although we didn't get a picture of it, she had her little legs crossed again at the ankles. It's hilarious because she did this at our 20w appointment too. Such a little Southern Belle. We also learned that she's flipped head down from her previous position of being breech. Way to go, Sammy!

Below is a bump picture and the best shot we could get of her face this morning with the little she decided to cooperate. She is a strong-willed little snowflake and we just love her to pieces!


  1. Yea for viability!!! And you are looking so cute with your baby bump!

  2. Little Sammy is just beautiful! It feels as though your pregnancy is whizzing by! Savour every wonderful moment :) your lovely girl is just 13 weeks away from being classed as term, 17 weeks from her due date, and in 19 weeks she will definitely be here! This is how I counted down the days until I met my little one lol xx

    1. Thank you so much! I love how you stated this, and I read it to Kevin. Such a great way to look at it!

  3. What a great day! So happy for this great milestone

  4. What a wonderful post. Congrats! Sammy is one lucky little baby to have you as her Mom.

  5. Welcome to viability! Sammy is so cute.. :)

  6. Yeah for this wonderful milestone and you look great. So happy for you!!!

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