Thursday, October 31, 2013

Please help

If you're not caught up on my recent posts, our beloved embryo donor, Libby, tragically learned earlier this week that her six year old daughter has a terminal brain tumor (DIPG.) Before becoming a mommy through domestic infant adoption and IVF, Libby and her husband fought a long and hard battle through infertility and multiple losses. Now she and her husband are coping with the most devastating news any parent could receive.

She and her husband are incredibly special us. If you've been following my story, you'll know that earlier this year, she and her husband gave us the most precious gift anyone could give- the chance at parenthood through their four frozen embryos. I am heartbroken knowing that such special people are living every parent's worst nightmare. No one deserves to deal with such a thing. No child should have their life painfully cut short.

In addition to praying for Libby's family, I am asking for your help in a new way. I have learned that Libby's support network set up a Paypal account to accept donations as their daughter receives medical care.
Libby's family has a very tough road ahead. That road consists of the emotional and physical pain for her daughter and entire family, but it also consists the logistics involved in treating a six year old's brain cancer. It means travelling daily to and from the children's hospital for radiation treatments. This means time will be spent at the hospital instead of cooking meals. Restaurants cost extra money, and her daughter has special dietary restrictions because she also has Celiac disease. It will require lots of gas. I could go on and on, but as you can imagine, the expenses will be great.

Libby has set up a Caring Bridge page for her daughter, but for privacy reasons I have chosen not to share the link to it on my blog. When Libby and I first started our relationship, she agreed I could post about her on my blog but only use first names. Posting her Caring Bridge site link would compromise that request. But I'm pleased I am able to share a way for you all to help through this email address!

If you email me at I will give you the PayPal address set up for her family's donations.

Please consider donating. No amount is too small. Every little bit will help and go directly to her family.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


  1. I think you're amazing for doing this. I hope you get great response. Continued prayers for them.

  2. As someone who lost their child when she was ten years old, I can say that they will never get over this. Every little thing reminds you of the death of your child. Everything brings back floods of memories. I wish I could donate something, but like most at this time of the year, I have nothing, except good wishes to them, and a slight chance that it's a mis diagnosis.