Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I'm baking this morning! Not a baby though.  Almost. That baking starts tomorrow. :-)

I'm baking a rich, chocolate cake to take with me to the clinic tomorrow to show my appreciation for what they do. I realize I haven't baked anything in ages ever since I found out I have a gluten intolerance in November 2012. I've pretty much just avoided baked goods altogether instead of eating their gluten-free counterparts. I don't need the added carb intake and blood sugar impact so it's easier to just skip carby foods. But I do miss baking goodies for others and this was a perfect opportunity to do so! The smell in my house right now is chocolatey delicious!

It's going to look like I'm arriving to a birthday party tomorrow with my cake and gift bag for Dr. B.

I opened the oven door to take a quick picture! It smells so good!

I just chugged my last glass of POM and chopped up and ate my first of five pieces of pineapple core.

The grocery store sells fresh pineapple pre-cut with the core ready to chop into pieces.

I got a call yesterday from my clinic letting me know that my transfer is scheduled for 10:30am CST. I imagine they will start the embryo thawing a few hours before. Please say a little prayer for us tomorrow morning. I'm so excited to meet these little ones, but nervous that they won't make it through thaw.

Our clinic is a 1.5 hour drive away (with no traffic) from Austin to San Antonio, and I'm supposed to get acupuncture done directly before and after transfer. But it's been kind of hard to coordinate all of it. Being expected to arrive at 10:30am in San Antonio puts us commuting smack dab in rush hour traffic. I was able to make an appointment with my acupuncturist on the way there (which isn't really on the way at all, but oh well) but I learned that the clinic in San Antonio has acupuncturists on site to do my post-transfer treatment. By choosing to use one of them it saves me from having to stop by my current acupuncturist on my way back. And while she's great, it's definitely way out of the way and causes me stress thinking about making the second appointment on time.

The plan is to do my pre-transfer acupuncture, drive to San Antonio, do the transfer and acupuncture, and then come home and relax. I've got a whole bunch of movies queued up to watch on-demand.

It's the final countdown!


  1. EEEEEKkkkkkk! I'm so excited for you! Saying many many prayers! I hope everything goes smoothly!

    Also, that cake looks divine!!

  2. Liz, I'm praying for you and your little frozen babies!! Please, God!

  3. SQUEEE! so exciting! Lots of prayers being lifted for a smooth thaw and transfer!

    P.S. that cake looks amazingly delicious... yum

  4. So excited for you! Prayers that your little ones will make it through the thaw, and that they will snuggle in nicely. The cake looks delicious! I'm a sucker for chocolate cakes!

  5. ahhh so exciting!! I think it's great that you are making a cake to show your appreciation, I bet they will love it. My fingers are crossed for you!! xo

  6. yummm... It looks delish! All the best tomorrow!

  7. I wish you the best of luck!! We also adopted frozen embryos from Snowflake and are parents to an amazing little 3 year old boy. It is all worth it and you WILL be a Mommy someday!!

  8. Eeeeeeek! I am SO excited!!! I have been following your blog for ages but have never commented. (Apparently just a blog stalker like that ;-). ) anyway....wanted to let you know I will be thinking about you tomorrow!!!!!

  9. Fingers crossed!
    Prayers going up!
    Positive vibes!

    All of the above!

  10. Thinking of you, happy thoughts, prayers and the BEST wishes!!

  11. Best wishes today from a lurker!!!