Saturday, September 14, 2013

2dp6dt: The mind-game of the 2ww

Kevin is still sleeping so I'm surfing the web on this Saturday morning, alone in my thoughts. Figured I'd post an update.

In case you're wondering, here is what I'm feeling so far. And yes, I know that these symptoms are highly unlikely related to any potential pregnancy. It's probably just the PIO or something else easily explainable.

  • Majorly sore boobs which I don't remember them last time being a fraction of how bad they are this time. They feel like heavy rocks and I get these zapping feelings pretty regularly. Probably the PIO.
  • Minor cramps in my lower abdominal area, which could just be the overeating of Mexican food. It's hard to tell if they are uterine or GI related.
  • Backache
  • Pulling feeling on my left side. This was very similar to my first pregnancy.
  • I'm exhausted in the evenings after dinner. I've fallen asleep on the couch the past two nights in a row while watching movies. That's not like me. Probably the PIO.
  • A fast and intense shot of nausea last night while laying in bed last night. That has never happened before.

Figured I'd document this.

I'm trying to stay optimistic, but as anyone who has ever been through this knows the 2ww is a bipolar mind-game. One minute I'm hopeful and daydreaming of a baby, heck babIES, twins nurseries, etc., and then the next minute I'm sure it's not going to work and am preparing mentally to undergo a new cycle. It's awful. Luckily I haven't cried. Yet.

Up until today, there was also some question around how far along the embryos were that we transferred. Libby and I have always been under the impression that they were all day 5 embryos. But on the embryo picture I got on the day of transfer, it said "Day 6." I was a little confused as to if they actually were day 6 embryos. And were they frozen as day 6 embryos? Or if they were day 5 embryos that grew to day 6 at my clinic?  I figured I'd email my embryologist just to find out. I was curious. I got a quick response from her this morning:

We received one day 5 embryo and 3 day 6 embryos from the donor clinic. The two embryos that were frozen together were day 6 embryos. We thawed those embryos the morning of your transfer.

Well that answers that!

So of course, stupid me, I went and googled 5dt vs 6dt and quickly found a study that stated 5dt have almost twice the implantation success of 6dt, and 6dt have significantly higher rates of miscarriage. Gah! Cue panic. Why did I have to go and read that!?

I kept reading other sites, and apparently some clinics don't think there's a big difference at all.


What I do know for certain is that it's out of my hands right now. But it was a little defeating to read that we might be at a disadvantage now. Regardless, I'm trying to keep my head up and stay hopeful!


  1. Gah! Google and I have a love hate relationship. My DH threatens to take my iPhone away to stop me. Lol. I too am in a TWW at 8dpo. I am sending my thoughts and prayers your way.

  2. I hope this gives you some hopefulness...we transferred 2 six-day blasts and we are now almost 27 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby boy. Try not to drive yourself crazy with google (I know that is easier said than done!) because whatever is in the Lord's will is what will matter what stage your embabies are. I am praying for you!

  3. Praying this transfer results in a pregnancy and full term baby(ies)! I have a 1 month old baby that is a result of transferring 2 - 6 day blasts. My embryologist described it like this. In a marathon the most important thing is that you finish. Some people finish is 3 1/2 hours and some in 5 hours, but the point is that they finished. She said it is the same way with blasts and 5 and 6 day blast have both "finished" and gotten to the blast stage. I found that encouraging when we were awaiting transfer. The Lord bless you as you wait!!!

  4. Zane was one of our 6 day embryos!!!! I like to call him a "slow grower" as I know he implanted late AND my beta started off low. I like to think that's why he's so laid back ;) Hang in there---lots of prayers your way!!!

    1. That's really funny and helpful to me on my current 2dp6dt FET. haha thanks.

  5. I am currently 19 weeks pregnant with twins, the result of a FET with two 6 day blasts. Your symptoms sound promising! Hang in there!

  6. I agree, those symptoms sound promising! I have everything possible crossed for you! <3
    When are you testing? :) (I'm trying hard not to be a pee pusher ;)

  7. I can't believe it's the waiting time already! I know you aren't feeling so positive, but you have so many hoping and praying for you!