Monday, July 29, 2013

Stay tuned...

I have some potentially very good news.

Libby's husband quickly filled out and emailed the final form that their clinic required, and their clinic finally acknowledged on Friday that they have everything they need to ship the embryos. Oh happy dance. I'll feel better once my embryologist calls and can confirm and then lets me know a ship date. I emailed my embryologist on Friday to ask her to call today, so I'm hoping to hear back any minute. If not, of course I will follow up. This might be the really real-deal. Stay tuned!!

And in other news, this weekend was insane. I feel like I need a weekend after the weekend!

Nadia's blood sugar dropped to dangerous levels Friday night, Saturday night, and even last night. I was up until after 4:30am Friday and Saturday, and thankfully Kevin took over last night's duties. When this happens, you have to check blood glucose levels every 30 minutes and attempt to bring it back up with high carb cat food gravy and karo syrup.  It's critical to bring the levels up quickly because if it gets too low, it can be deadly. She was in the 40s every night! She's had a dose decrease and I'm just praying with don't have a fourth night of this. I spent much of the days napping in between her daytime checks.

I feel like I have a newborn....without the newborn. I guess it means that Kevin and I just might be good, attentive parents, should we be so blessed.


  1. YAY!!! Happy Dance Happy Dance!! Almost there!!!

    Sorry about your rough weekend with your cat! Scary stuff! Hang in there!

  2. Lifting so many prayers for this to finally be IT! FX! FX!

  3. you will be wonderful attentive parents and this is good practice!!! hope you hear good news soon!

  4. Poor Nadia!

    I hope you get good news soon!

  5. Yikes! Poor kitty and poor you and Kevin. Hopefully she is feeling much better and that was only a fluky really bad weekend.