Tuesday, June 18, 2013

No news is...well, no news.

Still no news on the embryo shipping. I haven't even received an update with any kind of news, actually. I'm getting antsy! I'd love to get a call today surprising me letting me know they've just shipped and are on their way. This would be awesome for obvious reasons, but especially because today is my Mom's birthday! I think that would be extra cool to know they shipped on such a special day. I'm not holding my breath, but hey, I've been surprised before!

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Mom. I hope the angels are throwing you an amazing party in heaven. That's probably why we have massive thunderstorms here this morning. :)

This weekend was pretty nice and relaxing. I made a trip to the outlet stores on Sunday morning and learned that a bag store had an incredible sale on purses - 30% off the lowest marked clearance price then 50% off of that! I narrowed it down to two bags....

While I was deliberating which one to buy, a word popped into my head:


The fact my brain decided to choose that word at that exact moment made me laugh out loud. I guess it's subconsciously part of my real vocabulary now. Thanks, Drake.

So I bought both. Yolo!

As you can imagine, I dread Mother's day and Father's day due to our current situation in life, but I'm so blessed to have my amazing dad still on this earth with us. And not only that, he lives just up the street. We invited him over for dinner Sunday night and had a great time, as always. Sadly, Kevin lost his Dad to cancer in 2005, just a few months after we started dating. I know Kevin is my soul-mate for a billion reasons, but I think it's crazy that he lost his dad in such an insanely similar way to how I ended up losing my mom. Because of this he was such a support to me when my mom was sick and dying because he knew exactly what I was going through. He's the ying to my yang.

Fingers crossed for a call telling me these snowflakes have shipped!


  1. Fingers crossed!!!

    And I'm partial to the Coach! ;) But they are both super cute and you deserved a splurge!

    1. Me too! My friend got me hooked on them. :) Best bags ever.

  2. The handbags are cute!! FX you finally hear back about the embryos being shipped. -DP

  3. Dear universe....SHIP THOSE SNOWFLAKES! They are needed elsewhere!

    1. Indeedy!!! Cmon, little snowflakes! Time to make a trip! :)

  4. Glad you decided to go with both purses! Sometimes you just have to spoil yourself, especially when you are getting such a great deal!