Friday, June 28, 2013

Finally. A shipping update!

I quickly heard back from the embryologist after I left my voicemail for her yesterday. She said she was glad to hear from me because she had emailed me earlier in the week with no response. But I never got an email.

It turns out that their office switched email systems earlier in the week and they just recently learned that emails from their clinic weren't being delivered to Gmail accounts, which is what I have. I learned that even my RE had emailed me about the insurance appeal, but I never got that one either. I swear I have the worst luck ever right now.

The email the embryologist had unsuccessfully sent me was to notify me that there was a problem with coordinating shipping with Libby's clinic. Argh.

When the embryologist contacted Libby's lab, they said they had no record of having spoken to Libby since 2010!  WHAT?! And her lab also claimed they never received the required signed/notarized "consent to ship" form. That's flat out not true. The truth is that Libby has been in contact with them multiple times over the past few months, and in fact they are they ones that supplied her with the shipping consent form that she DID send in.

I am so irritated with Libby's clinic I could scream.

I unfortunately had to ask Libby to get involved to straighten it out because her lab won't talk to me since I am not their patient. I wish I could do it for her, I really do. She's already done so much, let alone having gone the extra mile when these kind of silly, incompetent people make it difficult for not apparent reason. You'll remember the recent nonsense with her blood sample. And now this.

Libby is working on getting this ironed out and hopefully will get confirmation they received the form early next week. She has even volunteered to drive there in person if she has to.There's not an adjective that is adequate in describing Libby here. Hero comes close, but not quite. She's much, much more. :)

So there's the shipping update. I wish it was a good one instead of this.

Oh, and I got the confirmation yesterday from the vet that Nadia does have kitty diabetes. Thank you to everyone who had chimed in with their support and knowledge on this subject! It's very daunting, but we will do what we need to do. Our consultation class is on Tuesday afternoon to learn what this means to us and start giving insulin shots. Maybe it's a good thing my cycle is slightly delayed so I can get the hang of being a caretaker to a diabetic cat instead of doing all of this at once.


  1. At this rate you might as well drive to the clinic and pick up the embryos yourself! They do sound very incompetent and I hope Libby is able to straighten it out. She's definitely getting a "star on her crown" for this! lol
    I'm glad you were able to get an answer on Nadia's health situation. I'm sorry it's not good news, but she's in good hands. You'll do a great job taking care of her!!

    1. No kidding! Between this nonsense with the blood draw, Libby has sure been running around trying to fix these people's "mistakes" (and I use that term nicely.) Again, with FOUR kids in tow! She gets a star for sure!

      I appreciate the kind words about Nadia. It's upset me quite a bit, many people don't understand since shes "just a cat" to most, but she's part of our family and its heartbreaking to think that she's suffering. You get it, you have a dog!

  2. goodness, hope they get everything figured out. I'm glad at least you know now!!

  3. Glad you have an update. When I read about all of this I think about how God may be using this to grow your relationship with Libby and what a blessing that will be for the future.

    Poor Nadia. :(

    1. Yeah, I do have a feeling that there is a purpose to all this. I'm losing weight steadily as I sit around, so I'm finding a blessing there as my body gets more and more healthy with every passing day. I do feel terrible that Libby has to feel the brunt of these people's incompetencies. If I could do it all for her, I would.

      Thanks for your commend and support, Lara. I still wear my snowflake necklace, almost every single day! I'm wearing it now. :)

  4. not the update we wanted...I hope to see a better one soon!

    And again, what an amazing person Libby is! KUDOS to her!

    1. I too!
      And yes...Libby rocks!!! what a trooper!

  5. Libby sounds like a SAINT!!! You are so lucky to have found her (and her to have found you too!!) Good luck - hope this problems get fixed quickly! =)