Monday, June 24, 2013

Brain Dump

Today’s post is going to be a giant brain dump. Get ready. I’ll give you a cupcake if you make it to the end.

I’m still waiting for the call about the embryos shipping. Argh.

Last Wednesday, the embryologist at my lab said that she was working on coordinating shipping and it should take a week or so to get them shipped to Texas. They like to initiate the shipping in the earlier part of a week as opposed to latter just in case there’s some kind of unforeseen shipping delay. They don’t want to chance them sitting somewhere over the weekend even though they are packed with ice to last quite a few days. Yeah, me neither! But in 99.99999999% of situations, they end up at their destination overnight just as intended. But as always, I’m praying there are no hiccups and I can’t wait to get them on their plane already! I’ll follow up with the embryologist after Wednesday if I don’t get an update by then.

I’m also waiting for a call about cat blood work. Oh the stress of having an aging pet.

Saturday, Kevin and I took all three of our pets (one dog, two cats) in for their annual check-ups and vaccines. Our cats were not due for their annuals until the end of September. However our 10 year old cat, Nadia, had seemed to have lost quite a bit of weight lately, which had concerned me quite a bit. So I opted to take her in a little early.  Nadia has always been a tubby 15 pound calico cat her entire life. In fact, I've had her since before Kevin and I even started dating. She was my precious rescued kitten who was poisoned and left for dead while pregnant with kittens herself.

Well, out of the blue about two months ago, her personality changed. Instead of being timid, scared, and lazy, she starting showing confidence, started running around the house like a mad woman, and even started begging for food at the dinner table! I didn't think it was anything that concerning until we started noticing the weight loss. I thought maybe she had lost a pound or so, but I was absolutely floored when they weighed her at the vet on Saturday. She weight just over 10 pounds. She had lost almost five pounds – that’s a third of her body weight in just a few months. And I was braced for the news that no loving pet parent wanted to hear - cancer, organ failure, etc. But I still couldn't explain the ferocious appetite and crazy energetic behavior.

Well, here’s the good news: The vet is confident that she has hyperthyroidism! And It's treatable!

Apparently this is very common in older cats and Nadia fits the diagnosis to the T. They drew a metabolic blood panel and I am waiting for the vet to call me with the results to confirm this diagnosis so we can put Nadia on anti-thyroid medication ASAP. It’s never fun to hear that your beloved pet has a disease of any kind, but it was a welcome relief to hear it’s something treatable.

And my final update for the day…

After Friday’s blog post, I just about blew a gasket and wrote my RE an email letting her know how frustrated I was with the billing person at her clinic. My RE promptly responded saying she would make sure that the preauthorization appeal would be handled timely and she was confident we’d be back on track quickly. She also said that their office manager would be calling me to straighten things out. Sure enough, I got a call from the office manager this afternoon.  She agreed that neither I nor my insurance should have to pay the ultrasound claim from the horrible pregnancy ultrasound from March 8th (see previous blog post.) I was glad we agreed on that! But apparently, the reason it got billed was accidental and due to technical issues they've been having with claims going through. Somehow it got lumped in with some recent appointments that had to be resubmitted. I felt better when I heard this. She also gathered the details surrounding the delays that the clinic’s billing person had apparently caused and assured me that they would be addressed. They will be resubmitting the preauthorization to insurance as a high priority first thing tomorrow.

I just want my calendar already. I want these snowflakes to be here already. I want to get out of limbo. I’m starting to feel emotionally like this is never going to happen, even though I know it will. I’ll feel better when I have a FET date.

Congratulations, I’m handing you a cupcake through the screen right now. :)


  1. I can totally understand why you would be frustrated. None of this is easy, and I know you've had your fair share of trials and tribulations. I hope that will be all behind you soon!

  2. So glad that your kitty is fine and will be able to be treated easily.

    How awesome about your cousin!!!

    Praying that your embryos get shipped soon.

    1. Yeah, we are very proud of my cousin! FX for the embies to get here soon!

  3. Thank you for my cupcake but I think YOU are the one who deserves one! (or maybe a great big ice cream sundae instead!) So glad that your kitty can be treated - it is hard to lose a pet - esp. one you have had for so long. Thinking and praying for you! Hope those new snowflakes are there soon!

    1. Aww, thanks. :) A sundae sounds nice! You're so sweet and such a wonderful support. :)

  4. I get a cupcake! :)

    Come on snowflakes!!! Come home!

  5. hope those embyros arriev soon! that must be very stressful!

  6. Hi from ICLW. Oh wow... that'd be very stressful! I pray that the embryos will arrive safely very soon.