Friday, May 31, 2013

I've officially started my cycle! Sort of.

Today is CD1! Normally, us girls hate when our period rolls into town, but when its CD1 for a new FET cycle, it's always a welcomed and exciting thing even if we're grumpy, crampy, and want to yell at people. I'm still excited on the inside, trust me!

The unique part about this cycle is I don't actually have a calendar yet, and I won't until our embryos are shipped here, which is fine. My RE and I thought it would be best to have me start on BCPs with this period because we know the embryos are going to be coming very soon and we didn't want to have to wait until a whole new cycle to get started. Works for me! So I'm officially in a cycle. Sort of. :)

Kevin and I decided we need to go on a weekend trip to the countryside in order to get away from it all. We took next Friday and Monday off of work and are heading to a small town just a couple of hours away called Fredericksburg. It's a quaint, historic town with plenty of German heritage, antiques, restaurants, etc. And there are beautiful vineyards/wineries all around. Who knew Texas had wine?

We went to Fredericksburg in February of 2012 and had wonderful time. The only issue was with the cabin where we stayed. The cabin setting itself was perfect, the grounds were perfect, but the shower didn't work and the bed was horrible. So this time we decided to check out something new and found a highly reviewed ranch with a bed and breakfast. There are horses, horseback riding, campfires, and star gazing. Exactly what we need!

And one of the great selling points is that we get to bring Oscar. The ranchers say they love dogs and we are welcome to bring ours. I'm excited since this will be one of our first "family" vacations we go on with him to the countryside. It's going to be hot (and probably humid) so I'm not necessarily looking forward to that part of it, but we all should have a great time!


  1. I love Fredricksburg!! Sounds like you found a great place! We have only stayed overnight there once, but loved our B&B! Hope you have a blast!

  2. Yay for CD1! And yay for going to Fredericksburg! We went a few years ago and really enjoyed it. :) I hope you guys enjoy yourselves! -DP

  3. Yay for CD1! Crossing fingers and toes.

  4. so excited that you are in cycle! keep us updates when you have a time line and a transfer plan! enjoy your trip!

  5. Vacations are great and your time away sounds like it will be a blast (fun and relaxing)! I'm so excited to read all of the good news!!!

  6. Woo Hoo for cycle day 1! Did you have more embryos left from the first donor? I can't remember. I thought you had more. Very awesome how all this has worked out with Libby and can't wait for you to get your new embabies! Hope you had a great weekend get away!