Friday, May 3, 2013

Five. FIVE!!!


Fantastic and totally unexpected news!

Libby called to tell me that she just got off the phone with her lab. She was surprised to find out that she has not four as we all originally thought...but she actually has FIVE frozen embryos! Talk about the best surprise EVER!

We are getting FIVE blasts!

FIVE FIVE FIVE FIVE FIVE! High five! Can you tell I'm excited? This means we will have six total including our single snowflake already frozen here in Texas! I had to share the exciting news!


  1. Congrats! That is so exciting :)

  2. Yay! I'm so glad things are continuing to move forward! :)

  3. Ooohhh yay! Best of luck to you.
    I actually gave my frozen embryos to a woman I met through an online infertility group - so reading your story is going to be exciting to meee!!! :)

  4. Just catching up on your blog... So happy to see this exciting news! Praying that you get your take home baby very soon! :)

  5. That is so wonderful! Congrats on your additional embryo.