Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The tragic events in Boston

The horrific events in Boston have been weighing heavily on my mind ever since they unfolded yesterday.

Kevin is a runner. He's run many marathons and half-marathons. These events are full of excitement and joy as the runners realize the payoff from months of training. Families and friends excitedly cheer the runners on and the anticipation to see your loved one cross the finish line is such a special moment. I am so incredibly saddened by the bombings. But the part that brought me to tears on my drive home from work yesterday is the part about the little 8 year old boy, Martin Richard, who was killed in the blast. I understand he was waiting at the finish line to give his dad a giant hug with his mom, brother and sisters when he lost his life due to a senseless act by a monster(s). His 6 year old little sister lost her leg and his mother is hospitalized with serious injuries to her brain. I can't even imagine the Richard family's shock and sorrow.

I will never understand why these things happen and can't imagine what the victims and their families are going through right now. I just know that they have all been in my thoughts and prayers, especially the Richard family who lost their beautiful little boy far too soon to a horrific and senseless act.

I'll post my muchness when I get home from work. Its 5:56am here now. I have to go into work early today, tomorrow, and Thursday.


  1. It is all so horrible. I watched it all transpire on the news. I was watching The Chew when the report came on. My heart sank. My sister was suppose to be there, but she decided that one marathon a year was good for her! Thank GOD!

  2. It's just awful what has happened. That poor family, so much grief and heartache, and everyone else that is affected. Aren't we going to feel safe anywhere these days...

  3. What a terrible event...crazy people in this world, but thankfully the good out number them.

  4. It's so heartbreaking. I made myself watch the news last night and just bawled. The previous poster is right, though, the good outnumber the evil and the crazy and that is something to hold onto right now.

  5. My heart hurts so much for that father. Can you imagine what he must be feeling right now? That is such a major accomplishment, to be able to participate in the Boston Marathon. Even for those that were unharmed, the joy and pride they feel for their accomplishment has been marred. People should not have to fear going to events as a supporter. It is incredibly sad, but also uplifting when you think of all the good that shined through the evil that day.