Friday, February 1, 2013

And my estrogen results are...

I guess I got a little ahead of myself in the last post because the nurse just got back to me.

My estrogen results were 196.6. A little lower than the 250 they wanted, but the nurse assured me not to be worried at all. They aren't worried one bit because my lining looked so great. She wants me to increase my dose tonight, but I won't need to come in for any more blood work before my transfer. She confirmed we are a green light for our transfer!

FEBRUARY 11th- the day I will finally meet my snowflakes! I could cry!


  1. Yey! Your lining sounds good! My lining was noly 6 when I went for my mock cycle (but it was day 16 and my transfer wil be on day 21) so I upped my estrogen this time to 3 (2mg)pills a day. Here is hoping mine will be a perfect 11-12 just like yours!

    1. Fingers crossed for you too! What day is your transfer? Do you know yet?

  2. Very very exciting!!! Only 10 more days :)

  3. Yea for good news! It will be here before you know it!