Tuesday, February 19, 2013

8dp5dt - What NOT to do

Thank you again for all of the congratulations. I am continuing to stay on cloud nine! But naturally, being the person that I am, I am still somewhat worried about this all being snatched away from me in a moment. I don't think I'll feel completely at peace until my baby(ies) are in my arms.

Let me tell you a little story about what NOT to do as a person in the 2ww who has already confirmed a pregnancy with a HPT.

I have wondfo tests coming out of my ears and I also had yesterday off. These two are a bad mix. Why? Because yours truly felt like it was a good idea keep testing every 4-5 hours (what is wrong with me!?) to try to watch that line get darker (or stay the same) as some kind of resassurement that everything was okay in there. Remember, I got a blaring 'not pregnant' on my digital yesterday morning so I felt like I did need something to help put me at ease knowing that things are going the right direction. I figured the testing-fest would be just that.

Up until that point most of my POASing turned out to give me a super faint positive on a wondfo, but nothing to write home about. Until around 3pm I POAS and as I looked at it after around 10 minutes, it was blank. This was the same blank that I've looked at during my entire time of TTC. My heart dropped. But I thought 'I'll just let it sit for longer. It will darken up."

After about an hour I saw the faintest of faint lines. But it was barely as dark as the initial test at 5dp5dt was. Not good.

I think I was physically ill. I immediately googled wondfo tests and read that sometimes a test can show lighter lines than others. Their purpose is not to tell you how pregnant you are, but only that you ARE pregnant.

I couldn't stand it and made myself take another wondfo and thankfully it showed as dark as all of the previous ones did before this terrible near-blank one. Which isn't saying a lot since they were all faint anyway. I definitely felt better seeing the next one be consistent with the others.

I decided at dinner to bite the bullet and try another digi in hopes it would just tell me what I wanted to hear, and as you saw from last night's post, it did. It sure put my mind at ease.

But the moral to this story 2WWers? Put the HPTs down. Sure, test once a day. Maybe even twice. But don't get crazy like me and think it's a good idea to do it more than that. You might run into unnecessary heartache! And I've learned first hand that you can get a false negative on a wondfo.

As for today, I allowed myself to do a morning POAS (but nothing after) and sure enough, digital still says pregnant. My wondfo is coming up as with the second line, albet it light still. However, it's definitely showing up sooner and sooner each time I test yet it isn't getting a whole ton darker. I'm going to trust my digitals since they are black and white. :)

How am I feeling physically, might you ask?
I'm feeling great. Why? Because God has given me this precious gift! I'm pregnant and SO grateful! As I type out these symptoms, none are a complaint. In fact, I find that each of them is a joy because they remind me how incredible it is.

I have a lot of cramping. I think the most intense cramping was on 6dp5dt. I few of them took my breath away and I had to sit down and breathe. I had some more cramping yesterday at 7dp5dt but it changed into more of a full pressure feeling in my entire lower abdomen. I always figured pregnancy cramps would stick around the uterine area, but this was a sensation that expanded far past that. Every once and a while I'll get more of what I'd call a cramp or a twinge, but for the most part its this dull pressure. I also have had a few strange skin sensations around my belly button. I keep thinking that I have something poking me on the skin of my belly button, but of course it's not! I've also had some shooting twinges up into my hip bones and muscles in my back. It's just crazy to think that something so small can cause such an impact on an adult human body.

After my exhausting and self-inflicted run-in with a negative wondfo yesterday, I realized I was very tired and laid down to take a nap. When I woke up, I felt a major wave of nausea coming over me. It was pretty intense! I ate some gluten free bread and I felt a little better but I still had an underlying nauseous tone the rest of the night. I thought morning sickness didn't hit until around six weeks but there was no doubt that this was an unusual nausea that I don't normally experience.

Since about 2dp5dt I have had major heartburn. I've been popping Tums like candy. As a result of said heartburn, it's making me belch like a sailor. I'm talking the kind that rattles the walls. Not very feminine, but oh well! It's the price of cooking a bun in the oven! :)

I'm also finding myself either really hot or really cold. That might just be the PIO but I find myself needing to turn the heater WAY down or snuggle underneath a blanket.

Just a few more days until my beta on the 22nd! I'm thinking that it has to be at least 50 at this point since a digital is turning positive, right? Anyone know if that's good logic to use?


  1. I have heart burn, too. I've never really had it before. I didn't get it until the second trimester though... but I've been taking generic prevacid and it's better :)

    Godspeed! I'm so happy for you :)

    1. Luckily, I haven't had heartburn in a couple of days. Nausea on the other hand...that seems to be creeping in!

  2. Have you had any back pain? My lower back hurts but I'm only 6dpiui so maybe I just twisted it or something.

    You should see if they'll do your beta tomorrow so you can get the repeat Friday!!

    1. Yes, I did have some back sensations. I wouldn't quite call it pain though. I think it was more like shooting sensations. I hope that your back pain is a good sign!

      I actually tried asking if I could do it tomorrow and they said no. BOOOO!!!! :( I guess I have to wait!